DOC016 Eko Zu – Let Me Fall The Remixes Part 2

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Part deux of the “Let Me Fall” remix packs is coming, complete with an all around house music menu to pick from. Taking the tech house and deeper direction, SÜSIO delivers a fantastic remix taking the vocals down a lower pitch route and a progressively driven rhythm of house.

M3RC jumps into the drivers seat and goes full force into a time warp of Future House with his rendition while Oskar Konne’s big reverbed drums and steady tribal rhythm will go great in any big room.

LC45 performs a live rendition for the remix, taking a laid back chill approach for this down tempo execution complete with live drums, synths and acoustic accompaniment. Mike Forst will have you grooving with his take on Let Me Fall. Plenty of vocal effects, stutters and a super groovy beat completes the ‘Let Me Fall’ remix pack.

With gran variety, we’re sure you’ll have this one on continuous repeat.

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DOC015 Tom Boye – Hurts Me

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‘Hurts Me’ comes to Docka Records across the globe from one of Norway’s top dance artists on the circuit. The original production (complete with music video) encompasses the story of a love gone, the pains & goods that come through such transitions. Full of energy, the house music track with future house elements and big piano leads is prepped and ready for festival season. On the remix flip the lineup speaks to all sides of the dance floor, kicking off with a massive BEACØNS remix that gets you warmed up with a grimy bassline that makes the switch halfway to a battle of the robots as the half time monsters arise, coming together with at the drop. On deck, Bass Punk descends upon Docka Records, debuting with a big room break with full electro vibes, an infectious mix of synth melodies and booming bass.

Having traveled light years, MASiiVO join the Docka army with a space warp into a progressive tech dimension. The vocals get special treatment at the breakdown, illuminating with risers and ever-growing field of frequencies, leaving you in a trance at the breakdown. Memo Rex, on fire from a range of releases from Salted Music to Desert Hearts delivers a chilled out house rendition with focus on the bassline and truly clear and crisp drum work. Getting big with the tech, Sam Wild’s remix is ready for main room, peak hour tech house enthusiasts, complete with a mighty mix of a kickin’ bassline, pounding kick and constant drums pounding at your speakers

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DOC014 – Eko Zu – Let Me Fall (the remixes)

The long-awaited all-remixes release of the live electronic sensation EKO ZU finally makes its way out of the intergalactic realms of the galaxy and into your music deciphering system. With a wide range of styles presented in the first of 2 remix packets, the kick off track by Lenny Rucks embodies the original track transforming into a larger room appeal, with bright vocal atmosphere excitement and a deep & funky breakdown. Omega Squad represents for the West Coast with a funky breaks mix filled with heavy drums and perfectly timed vocal cuts to a grooving bass line.

Vibonacci & Starward team up once again for a Docka remix, this time getting you nice and ready for pool side action as festival and Miami Music week prep just in time for this release. The big Miami bass kicks and retro vocal chops get you in the mood along with synthed out riffs to inspire. IDeaL & JBreak flip the script and turn up the heat with their electro-fied rendition. The bouncy disco like melody and distorted bass pounds along with the clap that slaps your chest as the twinkle of the bells ring puts you in a trance. In line with a perfectly balanced genre menu, Atom Pushers serve up a future bass master piece. Complete with a heavy monstrous bass slap, drums that excite with drive, and a break to highlight the beautiful “Let Me Fall” vocals.