DOC023 – Burnin’ The Remixes – Docka ft. Rick Ross – OnDaMike, J-Break, Technobabble

The latest “Burnin'” remixes by Docka featuring Rick Ross drops on his Docka Records imprint featuring OnDaMike, J-Break, and Technobabble.
Kicking off this next set of remixes, Florida’s own OnDaMike features a pumping tech house tune destined for dance floors everywhere, from late night warehouses to big room nightclubs. With rockin baselines and smooth drums, this track has something for everyone.
J-Break returns to Docka Records with his rockin breaks remix. The combination of an edgy nu skool bass mixed with old skool scratches and drums, gives this track a variety of flavor. The breakdown brings it back to the 80s with lush pads and leads, culminating in a climactic drop.
To top it all off, newcomer Technobabble from Berlin gives his remix a dark late night vibe of techno mixed with melodic pads and synths, leaving you entranced from beginning to end. The drop is pure insanity and will surely fill the floor.