DOC018 – Keeper The Remixes – Dj IDeaL ft. Lady Verse – Deep Tribe, Docka, Greg Dela

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Establishing themselves strongly into the Docka Records roster, DJ IDeaL and Lady Verse came together to give present day life to lyrics originally written years ago. Through a vocal rework with reconstructed techno and house elements, ‘Keeper’ was reinvented and with this ‘Remixes’ packet you see the track get transformed once again.

The elements of the underground vibes get warped into a dark and progressive track as interpreted by Deep Tribe. The heavy drum work, vocal cuts and rhythmic entrancing melody all together work as a pool side delicacy or at your local underground soirée.

Our resident alien makes his way back to Earth captivated by the electronic messages transmitted by Lady Verse through ‘Keeper’, deemed ready to join the Docka Army worthy of being kept forever a warrior for music. In response, Docka delivers deep rattling bass and clean drum percussions as the track transforms with hip-hop beats and trapped out earworm leads.

Leading the way for progressive electro and bass music in Belgium, Greg Dela joins the path of the Docka on board this remixes release. Complete with future bass stabs and fancy footwork high hats, the trumpets and MJ finger snaps at the break down turn into a very subtle bass filled drop with an additional surprise you’ll want to turn it up for as the bass cannons fire.

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DOC017 – Keeper – Dj IDeaL ft. Lady Verse

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Always seeking to broaden the spectrum of artists on the Docka Records roster, DJ IDeaL and Lady Verse have come together to give present day life to lyrics originally written years ago. Through a vocal rework with reconstructed techno and house elements, ‘Keeper’ was reinvented. The thunderous rolling bass line keeps you hypnotized as the lyricist’s specially selected raps & rhymes make you jump with anticipation of what’s to come.

On the remix front, MASiiVO goes for a melodic progressive rendition with a spacious landscape of sound, seamlessly transitioning and growing through each bar. At the breakdown, the vocals get transformed into an 8-bit black hole with a progressive build up that busts the intensity meters out of this world. From Mexico City, Dos Lokos deliver with their interpretation by merging future house & trap for a fusion worth the download. The big drums and redeveloped rhythm allow the vocals to shine while keeping the body of the track simple & structured.

Rounding off the package is Omega Squad. Actively a part of the underground breaks scene, the Miami bass big-boom-kicks represent as the constant element of the track. The vocals are kept to their true form while also fresh and funky through a variety of vocal edits and chops. Released as the first part of a 2 part remix series, the kick off ‘Keeper’ EP is a sure keeper for your permanent music catalogue.

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DOC016 Eko Zu – Let Me Fall The Remixes Part 2

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Part deux of the “Let Me Fall” remix packs is coming, complete with an all around house music menu to pick from. Taking the tech house and deeper direction, SÜSIO delivers a fantastic remix taking the vocals down a lower pitch route and a progressively driven rhythm of house.

M3RC jumps into the drivers seat and goes full force into a time warp of Future House with his rendition while Oskar Konne’s big reverbed drums and steady tribal rhythm will go great in any big room.

LC45 performs a live rendition for the remix, taking a laid back chill approach for this down tempo execution complete with live drums, synths and acoustic accompaniment. Mike Forst will have you grooving with his take on Let Me Fall. Plenty of vocal effects, stutters and a super groovy beat completes the ‘Let Me Fall’ remix pack.

With gran variety, we’re sure you’ll have this one on continuous repeat.

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