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DOC024 – Down For Some Freakin’ The Remixes – J-Break ft. T-Pain – Rob Analyze, FactorE & Zak Davis, Jakpot & Algo, Violent Hill


The long-awaited remixes release of J-Break’s electro breaks jam “Down For Some Freakin’” featuring T-Pain finally hits.  With a wide range of styles presented in the first of 2 remix packs, the house mix by Rob Analyze features a bouncy bass crowd filler featuring cut-up vocals and a climatic breakdown.

The Essential Freaks, FACTORe & Zak Davis twist their remix up with a funky tech house track that consists of perfectly timed vocal cuts, electric edits, and a groovy bass line.

Docka Records veteran, Jakpot, returns along with newcomer, Algo, for their insane dubstep remix. With a combination of unexpected edits, bass drops and sirens, the bass bins will be rockin!

To top it all off, bass music outfit, Violent Hill, makes their Docka Records debut with a jump-up Drum & Bass remix full of steady pumping bass lines and swirling pads to excite back rooms to main rooms around the globe.


DOC023 – Burnin’ The Remixes – Docka ft. Rick Ross – OnDaMike, J-Break, Technobabble

The latest “Burnin'” remixes by Docka featuring Rick Ross drops on his Docka Records imprint featuring OnDaMike, J-Break, and Technobabble.
Kicking off this next set of remixes, Florida’s own OnDaMike features a pumping tech house tune destined for dance floors everywhere, from late night warehouses to big room nightclubs. With rockin baselines and smooth drums, this track has something for everyone.
J-Break returns to Docka Records with his rockin breaks remix. The combination of an edgy nu skool bass mixed with old skool scratches and drums, gives this track a variety of flavor. The breakdown brings it back to the 80s with lush pads and leads, culminating in a climactic drop.
To top it all off, newcomer Technobabble from Berlin gives his remix a dark late night vibe of techno mixed with melodic pads and synths, leaving you entranced from beginning to end. The drop is pure insanity and will surely fill the floor.

DOC018 – Keeper The Remixes – Dj IDeaL ft. Lady Verse – Deep Tribe, Docka, Greg Dela

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Establishing themselves strongly into the Docka Records roster, DJ IDeaL and Lady Verse came together to give present day life to lyrics originally written years ago. Through a vocal rework with reconstructed techno and house elements, ‘Keeper’ was reinvented and with this ‘Remixes’ packet you see the track get transformed once again.

The elements of the underground vibes get warped into a dark and progressive track as interpreted by Deep Tribe. The heavy drum work, vocal cuts and rhythmic entrancing melody all together work as a pool side delicacy or at your local underground soirée.

Our resident alien makes his way back to Earth captivated by the electronic messages transmitted by Lady Verse through ‘Keeper’, deemed ready to join the Docka Army worthy of being kept forever a warrior for music. In response, Docka delivers deep rattling bass and clean drum percussions as the track transforms with hip-hop beats and trapped out earworm leads.

Leading the way for progressive electro and bass music in Belgium, Greg Dela joins the path of the Docka on board this remixes release. Complete with future bass stabs and fancy footwork high hats, the trumpets and MJ finger snaps at the break down turn into a very subtle bass filled drop with an additional surprise you’ll want to turn it up for as the bass cannons fire.

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