DOC024 – Down For Some Freakin’ The Remixes – J-Break ft. T-Pain – Rob Analyze, FactorE & Zak Davis, Jakpot & Algo, Violent Hill


The long-awaited remixes release of J-Break’s electro breaks jam “Down For Some Freakin’” featuring T-Pain finally hits.  With a wide range of styles presented in the first of 2 remix packs, the house mix by Rob Analyze features a bouncy bass crowd filler featuring cut-up vocals and a climatic breakdown.

The Essential Freaks, FACTORe & Zak Davis twist their remix up with a funky tech house track that consists of perfectly timed vocal cuts, electric edits, and a groovy bass line.

Docka Records veteran, Jakpot, returns along with newcomer, Algo, for their insane dubstep remix. With a combination of unexpected edits, bass drops and sirens, the bass bins will be rockin!

To top it all off, bass music outfit, Violent Hill, makes their Docka Records debut with a jump-up Drum & Bass remix full of steady pumping bass lines and swirling pads to excite back rooms to main rooms around the globe.